Start creating apps to manage customer accounts and transactions
We have implemented Open Banking APIs to collaborate with regulated third party providers (TPPs) to allow our customers access their banking data and services via third party applications, following their consent. We encourage and support you to explore our APIs so you can provide innovative financial services to our mutual customers.
What is Open Banking?
The term “Open Banking” refers to allowing Third Party Providers to have access to customers’ account information in a secure manner so they can make the right financial choices. Open Banking Implantation Entity was set up by the Competition and Markets Authority on behalf UK government to increase competition and innovation to financial services. Their Standards are designed to enable ASPSPs located in UK and Europe to meet their PSD2 requirements.

Getting Started
Enrol with Open Banking Directory
Register with Open Banking Directory or use your existing Open Banking Credentials to sign in our Developer Portal.
Upload Software Statement Assertion (SSA)
Obtain the SSA from Open Banking Implementation Entity and upload it via the Application Menu on our Developer Portal. We will validate your SSA and you will be given your Client ID and Client Secret.
Use our Open Banking APIs
Please read our APIs documentation and start developing.
Why use our APIs ?
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